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People often talk about a “ball park” figure when it comes to pricing. How this for a ball park:

from free to $185,000.

Wow -that’s a bigger ballpark than old Cleveland Municipal Stadium.  That's because "free to $185,000" describes the range of projects we’ve been involved in over the past 20 years.  That wide range illustrates the inexact science at work when providing a “typical” price for a media project.

We like to say that most times, providing a “typical” price for most of our services is a bit like pricing out a “typical” house. When you think about it, though, is any house really “typical?” Think about the wide difference in price based on consumers’ needs, history, and expectations.

Is a 950 sq. ft., two bedroom “starter” with no garage and a gravel drive “a house?” I think it is, but some are not so sure. And is a 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom lakefront residence a house, or is it a McMansion?

You get the point.  Both are “houses,” but the prices? Well, they’re not even in the same neighborhood - and chances are the houses aren't in the same neighborhood, either.

Can we give you a “ballpark figure?” We sure can, but we’d much prefer to give you a cost estimate that’s based on a brief conversation centered on three factors:
- your goals
- your audience
- your expectations

Typically, in less than 15 minutes we can give you a cost estimate for the project you planned. In addition, we may even suggest:

  • that you take a totally different approach that we believe could be more efficient and effective (even if it means you need less of our services – or maybe don’t need them at all)
  • that you delay production until a critical organizational milestone is reached
  • that you combine the project with another initiative that you might already have in place.

We’re not out-of-touch, though - we know it’s important to have some sense of a range of for the costs our services. The chart below provides a basic pricing reference point for many of the common media we produce:

  • Copy writing services – 4 page whitepaper; writing, layout, 1000 printed copies and enhanced PDF creation -$3750 
  • Video  - 3 minutes in length,  combine client’s existing photography and video assets with some new footage and graphics - $2700
  • Custom publication – 32 pages long, 4 color combination of supplied and newly-created content; supported by sponsorship and ads; 10,000 copies ready for distribution; Cost to client: Free to $35,000.
  • Podcast production – 8 minute onsite audio recording of one or two speakers; add announcer intro and close, open/close music bed, clean up miscues and sweeten audio; conversion to online MP3 format and posting to RSS or other podcast-friendly format;   $700
  • Communications Strategy and Consulting – $85/hr
  • Custom event production (typical 1 day event) $2700.
  • Custom Books – 40 page hard bound, 4 color, copy and photography, use to promote company history or milestone; use to inform an executive audience on a new company, technology, initiative or product; 10 copies included;  $3700; additional, personalized copies $47. each. 

The best next step? Your situation, your goals, your audience, your expectations and 15 minutes. Give us a call, or shoot us note. And either, of course, is free. Contact Us