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organic communications (TM)

We’ll admit it: “organic communications” might seem a bit obscure for a tagline. At first, some might think it’s some Zen-like form of silent mediation. You know, practiced only  by enlightened people who wear Birkenstocks on their feet and park biodiesel SmartCars in their driveway.

I must confess that I did wear Birkenstock sandals for two years when in my mid-20s (if you’re curious, ask me about it – funny story), and just recently I did see (and smell) first hand my first biodiesel vehicle (I dare you to not think of french fries when you open the hood of Brad Massie's truck.)

But at its heart, “organic communications” is not about hippie green culture, and it’s not any one way of communicating.

Rather, it’s more a pre-disposition and a practice that might strike a familiar chord with  you. To follow are some basic concepts that drive our views of both ‘organic communications’ and the way we run our business:

  1. Don’t recommend one media or solution to a client just because that’s what your organization is good at or because it allows you to make the most money; only recommend the media solution that’s most likely to provide the most effective, efficient solution for the client.
  2. If you know of someone else who can do it better than you for the same cost or less, let the prospect know; in the long run, it’s better off for everyone.
  3. Only produce short term media solutions that align with an organization’s long term goals; no sense creating a ‘sugar buzz’ at the expense of nutritional growth. 
  4. Whenever possible, create media that can be re-purposed in as many different formats (web, video, PowerPoint, Word, Acrobat, hard copy) in as possible as make sense so that the largest possible audience can be reached over the longest period of time in a format that’s most convenient for them.
  5. Transfer and store media via accessible web depositories; if the client wants work-in-process or finished media made publicly available or privately accessible, use a secure, high-speed solution that satisfies the need.
  6. The bleeding edge of communications technology is OK for show, but the leading edge will usually provide a steady stream of show; investigate in the unproven, invest in what will work today.

Sure, much of this is common sense (and you’ll see more on this topic in the weeks to come), but it’s amazing how often all of us stray from the basic principals that in our hearts we know are right.

Now that you’ve heard a bit on our way of thinking, chime in. Do you operate under “organic communications” principles you’d like to share? We’d be interested in learning them and posting them here. And if we do, we’ll send you something “organic” that you’ll actually like.


Infrequently, we get to connect our passion with our profession.

This is one of those unique opportunities.

BioMedia is involved in the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative. The goal? Make NEOhio  environmentally and economically sustainable by the year 2019. 

More details will appear in the weeks to come. For now, please take just 5 minutes to read the attached PDF to learn what our “Commitment” is to make a Sustainable Cleveland by 2019.

Then, take one more moment to follow this link and “sign” your own commitment at the online form.

The cost? It’s free - except for 5 minutes of your time. But the value to the region can’t be measured.

Read the Cleveland Commitment (PDF)

Version of the Cleveland Commitment to share with others - print 2-sided (PDF)

SIGN your personal pledge online now!