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And now the news. . .

Doing good by doing well - for 40 years

It's rare that most of us get to feel good about ourselves and about the world while we feel good about a project that we complete. That's exactly how we felt when we completed a video for the Famicos Foundation.

Now in its 41st year of "Building Homes, Building Hope" in the Cleveland + region, the Famicos Foundation has its in one of the darkest eras of Cleveland's history. In a decade marked by political and cultural uncertainty, a ray of light shone. Sister Henrietta and a team of inner-city pioneers brought hope to an area that had none.


Famicos: 40 years of service from BioMedia on Vimeo.

Forty years later, her work continues - in many cases, it continues with some of the very same volunteers who started back in 1970. BioMedia had the honor of being selected to produce a 10 minute historical overview to tell the Famicos story then and now. Thanks to John Analeifo, President of the Famicos Foundation, Joe Weiss, Jr, Chairman, and Ellen Cherry and Amy Eiben of Famicos marketing and development group for their confidence and inspiration.

Thanks also to BioMedia partners: Joe Koskovics, John Alexander, and Pete O'Hare for their passion, professionalism and poise in shooting 12 onsite interviews (in all corners of the region), graphics production and editing skill in producing a remarkable piece in about one month.

To learn more about Famicos and see the video, visit the Famicos website.

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