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And the winner of the Kindle is . . .

Many predictions as to which technologies will shape our future have been as inaccurate as the fourth day of a five day weather forecast. Flying car, anyone? Probably not anytime soon.

But how about electronic books? Will they be an idea that will stick? We think so.

The utility, portability and most especially the readability is what's key. As with most technologies, though, we're likely looking at an innovation that will complement existing options, not replace them entirely. Video technology has not replaced audio, and electronic media has not replaced print - some studies show that we print more pages than ever, although the way in which pages are printed certainly has changed.

As our way of helping to advance the acceptance of technology that improves our lives, we participated in a give-away of a new Kindle Electronic Book.

And the winner is . . . Christina Dierkes of Athens, OH. Congratulations to Christina ("I've never won anything!" she said when informed by phone) and we'll ask her in a couple of months for an update on what she does and doesn't like about her new Kindle.

In 2011, we'll sponsor a give-away on another new communications technology. This one involves the US Postal Service, a box that that will ship to five different organizations who are finalists, and the ability to tell a story in the best way possible.

More details will be delivered soon - and not via the official BioMedia flying car, either.