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The future of publishing is not in "pages"

For centuries, the expression "turning the page" has been used to convey a sense of new beginnings. And one of the highest compliments that you can give a book that is exciting is that it's a "real page turner." But as tradition continues to intersect with technology to transform our lives, we may begin to express new beginnings not with the words "pages" and "books" but instead with "screens" and "stories."

That's because devices (tablets like the iPad, reading appliances like the Kindle, mobile phones, etc.) are rapidly winning favor over printed publications like books and magazines. The ease of use, the portability, and the interactivity of devices is quickly reaching a tipping point with the mainstream population. But the printed book and its electronic heir apparent is connected by the essential narrative form: the story. Whether fictional or real life, citizens of all ages react and respond to the power of story to entertain, to inform, and to influence.

It just turns out that stories told in print are rapidly migrating to more powerful electronic and interactive technology that is less expensive, more translatable and more attractive to today's audiences. Is story-telling doomed? Hardly. It's just changing, right before our eyes - and in our ears, and beneath our fingers - as we continue to embrace the next "chapter" of narrative art.

From the onset of desktop publishing (in the late 80's) to the popularization of the web (starting in 1995) to the first display of video on the web (1998), we've helped individuals and corporations bridge to the possibilities and efficiencies made possible by new technologies.

Interested in "turning over a new leaf" leading to a new way of communicating with your audiences? Give us a call or send us a PDF (10 MB or less) to . Include a brief note of what you're trying to achieve. Or call us - 330.333.2461.

We think you'll be pleased by the possibilities of the next chapter of publishing.