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(Bio) 2 = BioMedia, LLC


Sorry if we confused you with some of the images on the home page, but BioMedia is NOT a bioscience research, manufacturing or distribution entity. Most BioMedia partners haven't been on the "business end" of a microscope or pipette since time spent in a college lab. We can spell "DNA" and understand most of the nuances surrounding ongoing commercialization of research - just don't ask us to comprehend or fully appreciate the individual heroics occuring in labs around the world

But since 1989, we have been on the "narrative end" of bioscience - sourcing and crafting stories related to bioscience entrepreneurs and visionaries who are transforming both individual lives and entire communities. The developments we report on can be incremental and uplifting, incremental but important advancements in research or treatments.  We also have been blessed to be associated with the significant and the breathtaking - developments that appear poised to dramatically change how we experience human health and to prosperity associated with this change.

We tell these stories in a variety of lengths- from short, bite-sized segments to full-course, extended length narratives. We also employ a variety of media, from printed magazines and books to videos delivered live to several hundred conference attendees or individually to viewers on the web and mobile devices. Whatever the format or the delivery, the goal is the same: to inspire, inform and influence through memorable stories.

A story or a “bio”: that’s the “times two” in the BioMedia equation.

While we don’t create full-length biographies of either individuals or organizations, we do also help a variety of non-bioscience organizations find their voice, their story and their audience. We specialize in covering the beating hearts of those driving the pulse of today’s economy and tomorrow’s community. Advanced manufacturing, economic development, sustainability and information technology form the core of our non-bioscience expertise and passion.

We like to say, “You should tell your story” ™ because the innate ability of stories to communicate to most audience far more that what can be conveyed by rows and columns of statistics and data.  It seems as the desire to hear and tell stories is built into our DNA. Unfortunately, the need and ability to tell stories is not built into the DNA of most organizations. But if you don’t take steps to make sure your story is told, who will?

We look forward to helping craft and tell your story to the world.