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About . . . you?

This is it - the web page that typically opens the door to organization’s soul. “About Us.”

On this page, we bare our souls, recall our history, explain our mission, show we serve the world community to bring prosperity and peace to all. We like donuts on Friday and puppies in our office. For that more typical viewpoint, go here.

But really, we’d rather talk “About” someone else”: About You. Because without “You” - current clients and partners, and future clients and partners- there would be no “Us.” Here's our view on what we think of you and the challenges you face:

  1. You’re responsible for your organization’s marketing and communications (and very likely, many other critical parts of the operation as well).
  2. Technology? You appreciate the efficiencies it can bring to your operations, but you don’t always understand all the details. And you don’t have the time or the desire, anyway – you just want stuff to work for you.
  3. Perhaps more than anyone at your organization, you understand the various audiences who need to hear honest, “spot-on” communications. You have different messages that need to be told in different ways.  And YOU are the one who needs to pull it all together and then send it all out.
  4. Occasionally, you need help. You want someone who can think like you but stay in the background and just get the job done. You want a project done quickly, with an honest value – and you want to be able to call back and kick out a similar project even faster the next time.
  5. You’re open to new approaches and seeing how others have met challenges similar to yours, but most times you have a pretty clear idea on how the end product should look - and often you could even do it yourself.

    But there are only so many hours in the day, so you need help.

And that’s probably why you’re here. If that’s NOT why you’re here, then please point out our lack of foresight; get in touch with us - we're happy to help in any way possible. Contact Us