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And now the news

An influential but quiet group tells its story

One year , three minutes, nine partners, one message

At its recent annual meeting, the Greater Cleveland Partnership needed only three minutes to recognize and celebrate. The meeting marked the 26th anniversary of the founding of Build Up Greater Cleveland (BUGC), a group of nine organizations who coordinate critical infrastructure projects that keep northeast Ohio’s infrastructure safe and efficient for all its residents.

As for the three minutes, well, that was the duration of the video that kicked off the meeting. BioMedia was engaged again to gather a variety of visual assets from many sources in order to compile an engaging video that would set the tone for the meeting and luncheon.

Over 130 executives gathered in Cleveland’s “Windows on the River” venue to participate in the meeting and to pave the road for future success. BioMedia is again pleased to play a small role in building bridges to better understanding and better, safer transportation and infrastructure in the Cleveland + region.

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